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Since Soudal was founded in 1966, it has grown to become a global multinational corporation. We achieved this by working hard, failing occasionally, but most importantly never giving up. We succeeded because of who we are and how we behave. We believe it is important to communicate these values clearly. What do we stand for as a company and how do we want to act? In other words: what does our DNA consist of? What makes Soudal 'Soudal'?

In the coming months, a communication campaign will take place to clarify this to the outside world and make Soudal recognisable as an employer. We believe it is important to be the first to inform you of this, which is why you will find the 'Soudal Manifesto' and the clarification of our values here.

Vic and I would also like to take this opportunity to thank each one of you for being part of the Soudal family.

Thanks for being (YOU)




Sincerely SOUDAL


It's inside you
Together, we get it out
Here, your talent grows & thrives
It becomes a part of something bigger
A family that shares your determination
That tries, fails and wins together
A team that is just as ambitious as it is humble
That sticks together through thick & thin
An honest culture that inspires you to keep learning and celebrates your success
Because together, we grow
Until every single one of us becomes greater than we could have ever been on our own.
Because without you we wouldn't be Soudal

Uncomplicated sincerity

We value integrity and respect above all else.
We are honest with each other, our customers, suppliers and all other stakeholders. We aim to keep our line of communication short and our procedures simple.
When we have different opinions, we openly discuss them and work it out together.
We are easily accessible, down‑to‑earth and humble: one team going for the same goals.

Ambitious bravery

It doesn’t matter if we fail three times, as long as we succeed the fourth. That’s how we grow.
At Soudal, you are challenged to share your ideas and get the opportunity to turn them into reality.
We’re eager to try out new things, learn and win. We’re in this for the long haul and persevere until we get there.

Shared loyalty

Soudal started out as a family business in the 1960s. Since then, thousands of people from all over the world have joined us.
Today, we are proud to say that the family‑like atmosphere is still here. We work in a friendly, positive environment and prefer a flat structure.
At Soudal, we want our employees to feel like they belong here and to stay with us for a long time.

Just be (YOU)

At Soudal, we just want you to be yourself and to go for it ! We value the diversity in personality, background, and culture.

We want you to be able to focus on your personal strengths and excel in your area of expertise. 

Diversity of ideas and opinions leads to the creative and innovative solutions we aim for.

We want you to belong to the Soudal family.  You are not a number; you are unique, and your wellbeing has priority.

We invest in creating a work environment where you feel at home.

We listen to your point of view, which you can express in your own way in a safe place.

Thanks for being you, because without you, we wouldn’t be Soudal.